Andrew Budnyj

In his role as Chef de Cuisine at FARM, Andrew Budnyj takes ingredients very seriously.  With a culinary philosophy based around farm to table cooking, Andrew collaborates with The Carneros Inn’s Executive Chef, Steven Tevere and Culinary Gardener, Peter Stonebreaker to decide what to grow in the ½ acre culinary garden and create a truly sustainable in-house network.  “Stellar ingredients are an essential part of cooking great food, so it is an exceptional opportunity to be working so closely with the people who take great pride in their work,” says Andrew.  In the case of ingredients not grown on-site, Andrew works with local farmers and award winning cheese producers to procure interesting and unique seasonal ingredients.

After studying at the New England Culinary Institute, Andrew started his career under the guidance of Jeffrey Buben at Vidalia in Washington, DC.  He then went on to Aqua where he worked extensively with Chef Michael Mina.  Within the Mina Group, Andrew worked as Chef for both Pisces in Burlingame and Arcadia in San Jose.

He then moved to Napa Valley to join Domaine Chandon as Sous Chef, eventually leaving to become a Consulting Chef for Cindy Pawlcyn at GoFish in St. Helena.  Previous to his time at The Carneros Inn, Andrew was Sous Chef at Ubuntu, and worked with Jeremy Fox, focusing on Ubuntu’s garden grown vegetables.  Andrew joined The Carneros Inn in early 2010 as Sous Chef at FARM and within a year was named Chef de Cuisine.

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