Philippe Jeanty

Philippe Jeanty has had a long love affair with food and wine. Bistro Jeanty is an example of Philippe’s philosophy: tradition, history, fresh quality ingredients, consistent friendly service, welcoming and informal surroundings.

Chef Jeanty was born in the Champagne region of France. It is from his grandmother and mother that Chef Jeanty learned many of the basics of French home cooking. His fondest memories are visits to the neighbor’s dairy for warm milk and evenings with his family in the regional bistros.

At age 14, his father helped secure a position in the private dining room kitchen at Moet & Chandon. Working under Chef Joseph Thuet he received special attention and training and secured his decision to make his life’s work as a chef.

Philippe Jeanty came to California in 1977, to open the Domaine Chandon Restaurant and in a year’s time he was made executive chef. The next twenty years of accolades proved that Jeanty was one of America’s finest chefs. In 1997, his thoughts turned to his home in France and he decided to create a bistro where he could recreate all those favorite foods of his childhood. Bistro Jeanty opened in April of 1998.

Bistro Jeanty was chosen as the “Best New Restaurant in the Bay Area in 1998”, chosen as one of four nominees for “Best New Restaurant in America 1998” by the James Beard Foundation and awarded one Michelin star three years in a row.