Scott Ekstrom

Chef Scott Ekstrom was trained by some of the industry’s finest chefs, including Jean-Marie La Croix, George Perrier, Cornelius Gallagher, and Daniel Boulud. He excelled as chef de cuisine at Oceana, where the focus on sustainable seafood and global cuisine was a natural lead-in to Fish Story, as well as the 3 star Michelin Daniel, where Ekstrom was in the kitchen for four years, with half of his tenure as poissonier. “The knowledge I’ve gained from working in these restaurants, with some of the finest chefs in the nation, contributes every day to my work at Fish Story,” said Ekstrom. “I am very proud and feel fortunate to work in Napa, with a great team of people, not only those at Fish Story, but also within the Lark Creek Restaurant Group family.” “I have developed an understanding and a love for the Napa Valley community over the last few years,” explains Ekstrom. “I am excited to offer our guests the full extent of my culinary experience and personality, and to create a warm, exciting and memorable dining experience for them.” When not in the kitchen, Chef Ekstrom spends his time gardening and cooking with his wife and daughter, and centers himself thru yoga, meditation and martial arts.