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Win a Flavor! Napa Valley Getaway in 2014! 

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2013 Flavor! Napa Valley Sizzle Reel
2013 Flavor! Napa Valley Sizzle Reel 

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Thank You for Another Amazing Event! 

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View Photos from the 2013 Flavor! Napa Valley
View Photos from the 2013 Flavor! Napa Valley 

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Donna Scala, Beloved Napa Valley Chef & Restaurateur, Passed Away

March 26, 2014

Passionate Napa Valley chef Donna Scala succumbed to cancer at her Napa home Tuesday morning. Diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor last year, the popular, industrious restaurateur had celebrated her 60th birthday earlier this year.


A Festival for Foodies and Wine Lovers Alike

December 5, 2013

Writer: Lesley Chesterman

Food and wine lovers are familiar with the bounty of California’s Napa Valley.


Scenes from Flavor! Napa Valley 2013

View photos from this year’s Flavor! Napa Valley on!


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